Why hiring is your most important task as a startup owner.

Hiring and training the right people is your most important task as a startup founder. No matter how brilliant your idea, no matter how timely and well-timed your launch, if you get the people wrong, you will fail.

No matter how successful your company, how fast it grows, and how…

Every one of these WordPress tips will make your website more search engine friendly

Optimizing your site for WordPress is not that hard actually. You just need to complete a few simple steps and make some technical adjustments. This post will walk you through the necessary steps to get your site ranked high in search results.

This article will give you some useful tips…

Getting a patent is hard. These tips make it easier.

Whether you’re inventing a new product or process or simply improving upon an existing one, patent protection is a key step in commercializing your innovation.

The value of a patent in exchange for an inventor’s disclosure of how the invention (product, method, or process) works is controversial. …

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